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Advantages-of-Forex-MarketOn the market since 2013

The whole range of services on FOREX and CFD markets
Ritewigg Markets offers a wide spectrum of traded instruments that are available in a single trading platform and with a single trading account: 51 currency pair in Forex CFD CFD for metals, CFD shares.

The actual reliability of the company
in the last one year of work the company , Ritewigg Markets has established itself as a reliable forex broker.To date, the services of the Ritewigg Markets enjoys a multitude of both beginners and professional forex market participants, appreciated the quality of our services.

Minimum deposit 50 USD, Minimum trade size 0.01 Lot
For beginners,  Ritewigg Markets has introduced trading accounts forex micro (micro Forex), which trade on the fractional units of 0.01 lot and leverage up to 1:400 will acquire the skills to live trading Forex without risking significant funds.

Trade accounts for client’s choice in USD, EUR, RUR
Invest offers its customers the choice of base currency account (deposit), which are denominated and calculated trading account, all balances, fees and charges. At your option trading account can be opened in USD, EUR, RUR, which is especially important in conditions of instability of any of the currencies.

Leverage  from 1:1 to 1:400
The more leverage you use in your trade, the more profit you get. But at the same time increase your risks. Therefore, Invest gives you ample opportunity to control the degree of risk.You can choose any leverage up to 1:400, and even abandon it and trade 1:1. Choose leverage, depending on your trading strategy and control your risks.

Low spreads (from 2 PIPS)
EUR / USD – 2 pips, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, EUR / GBP, AUD / USD, EUR / CHF – 3 pips, EUR / JPY, USD / CHF, USD / CAD – 4 points. See Contract Specifications Forex

Easy Deposite / Withdrawal without our commission

Modern trading terminal : MetaTrader 4
To work in FOREX and CFD markets, our company uses a modern multifunctional trading terminal Ritewigg Markets: MetaTrader 4. It has a comfortable and user-friendly interface that allows you to make trades, manage their transactions, display / change / delete a warrant to conduct a graphical analysis and to develop their own trading strategies, as well as economic news and to receive communications from the Company

Instant Automatic execution of orders without the participation of a dealer with Instant Execution
Quotations are provided to you without prompting. You can see in real-time flow of quotations, which at any time can send an order to commit the transaction. Execution of the transaction occurs automatically without the participation of a dealer.

Free Mobile Trading 
Mobile trading MetaTrader 4 Mobile any of the two versions (for Pocket PC or smartphone), the company FX – Invest provides all its customers free of charge. This terminal allows mobile trading using PDAs and smartphones. Work on the financial markets with HTT FX – Invest and be mobile!

Free real-time news from Dow Jones Newswires
Operational around the clock news from Dow Jones Newswires in Russian. News line consists of the following sections: Research and reports, Macroeconomics and politics, said the market, calendar of events.These sections are published daily and 200 news reports in Russian. Availability of this news in the trading terminal Ritewigg Markets: MetaTrader 4 enables you to constantly keep abreast of the latest developments occurring in the roar Forex and promptly respond to them.

Opening a trading account within 5 minutes from anywhere in the world

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